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Interior paint is a major part of your everyday life. Interior paint creates the mood of the room and gives visitors an idea of who you are. Many people are scared to play with colors on the walls, yet this is a mistake because painting your walls can do wonders for your house. Giving your house or specific room a “mini makeover” is easy to do with paint. So what are some things to think about with interior paint? There are a few. Here are the highlights:

*Make the rooms flow. 

Some people get very ambitous with their paint colors and end up having a wide variety of colors from one room to the next. When done right, this is not a bad thing. Yet, just painting every room a different color is not always the best idea for the flow of your house. Moving from one room into the next should be a compliment from the last room. They should stay within the same color family. Many times getting a color sheet from where ever you choose to buy your paint is a good way to get your color ideas, make the colors in your home a theme. Making each room just as inviting as the last.

*Paint the inside of your door.

Most any door you pass by on the street is painted. Have you ever considered painting the inside of your door, getting rid of the plain, boring white door? This is a fantasitc way to make your house stand out from others. The idea behind it is simple. Make your door, blend with the wall. The best way to do this is, whatever color you paint the wall that your door is on, get the color sheet and go one color darker than what is on your wall. This gives the room a whole new look, in a very simple way.

*Go off the furniture you plan to keep.

If you are having a hard time deciding on what interior paint to buy, start with looking at the furniture you plan to keep. This way you know what you already like, and what will look good in your house, complimenting your color theme, not clashing with it.

Make sure you cover your floors and windows very well when painting, you want to paint the walls not your walls, ceilings and windows as this just creates more work for you. This is called masking off the room and is very important when painting.

Interior painting is one of the most important things you can do for your home, and takes very little technique. Plain, boring white walls were yesterday.

If you are feeling a little brave and want to go beyond just the brush and roller, such ideas as sponge painting and brushed pearl are just a couple of ideas that may work for you.

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